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Activities Programme

From music and sports to chess and creative writing, our activities cater to a broad range of interests, ensuring every child finds something to ignite their passion and curiosity.

Starting the day with morning activities such as Tennis, Chess, Multi Sports and the morning mile pupils can engage their minds and bodies before school begins.

Lunchtimes are filled with options including Junior Orchestra, Library Club, Radio Club, Sustainability Club and various music groups, providing a creative and collaborative outlet mid-day.

After school, the energy ramps up with a plethora of sports like hockey, football, netball, and swimming, alongside other skill-building clubs such as Calligraphy, Jigsaw, Scrabble, and Yoga. Special interest clubs like Chinese Language, Film, and Street Dance offer unique experiences that broaden cultural horizons and artistic expression​​​​​​.

With over 50 co-curricular activities offered each week, our pupils have ample opportunities to explore new interests.